Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Emily’s Space

Space on Earth

We’re finally here . . . the beginning of the 2019 chapbook season.  Even though there wasn’t a “winner” from the open reading period late in 2018, I did have a strong feeling about the first chapbook we’re publishing this year . . . Space on Earth by Emily Hockaday.

I like a chapbook that has layers and a range of feelings.  A title with a dual meaning helps, too.  I don’t need a story or narrative, but a development of feeling is good.  Here, “space” plays a big part . . . in terms of outer space, as well as the distance between things and people.  There are boundaries.  There are also Vikings (like the warrior queen on the front cover [above]) and frogs (back cover) and explorations of existential dread.  Oh, and science.  It’s really great and infinitely readable and enjoyable. 

From “Stories Our Bodies Tell”:

“I said the moon is an open eye
but I was wrong. Tonight it is just
a crater-pocked satellite, lit along
the edge not obscured by
our shadow. “

The chapbook is available now on the Titles page.  Any copies purchased between now and this weekend will be shipped early next week.  Plan accordingly.

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