Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Floirida (Disaster) Man

Ft. Lauderdale

The next GBP chapbook is “local” for our Florida-based press in a way that no other collection has been since our entrĂ©e into this market in 2009 (10 years . . . we should celebrate that or something). Fort Lauderdale by Brendan Walsh—-also based in South Florida—-imagines that part of the Sunshine State suffering all sorts of apocalyptic environmental peril.  At times it’s touching and harrowing and funny.  It’s a win / no-win situation, speaking to the truth that, most of the time, the Earth doesn’t appreciate us any more than we do the Earth.

From “poem about puddles while standing outside during a tropical storm”:

“about gray-water puddles
widening w/ rain
puddles as ocean spittle,
sea-phlegm, tide-piss

poem that
the lawns will be seagrass again
the dirt, sand again
the puddles, oh-oh-ocean again”

Pick up a copy from the Titles page.

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