Friday, December 30, 2016

And Then . . . Andrew Brenza


We’re ending 2016 with an off-cycle chapbook from Andrew Brenza.  And Then is the kind of poetry that we really like . . . the kind of meditative verse that unfolds slowly.  It’s full of outward yearning and imagery that reflects an inner dialogue, a philosophical tableau.  It’s a single, cohesive piece that is always moving, making it hard to put down.

“through frost- 
furred leaves 
over heels 
in criss- 
cross wind
a widdershins 
of wings 
and brittle birds”

It’s available now on the Titles page.  Order your copy today and it will ship just after the New Year starts.  And act fast . . . this one’s limited to just 50 copies!

Posted by Scott