Friday, December 15, 2017

December 2017 Update

We’re fully immersed in the Holidays here at GBP.  We didn’t quite hit our self-imposed deadline of getting the finalists chosen for the Open Reading Period, and now we’re going to be traveling for several days.  But we’re going to be back/settled before Christmas, and should be able to make some decisions in the next week or so.

Part of the urgency is we’re finalizing our cohosted reading (with Anhinga Press) at AWP.  It’s going to be the evening of Thursday, March 8.  Details to come when they’re finalized . . . but we’ll be previewing the event on Facebook in the next day or so. 

In the meantime, pick up the new chapbook by E. Kristin Anderson.  (However, because we’re traveling, they won’t go in the mail right away.)

UPDATE: We’re two weeks behind in getting the manuscripts narrowed to the finalists, but we’re just about there now. Emails should go out (to finalists) this week.  Most others will not receive an email; however, there were a lot of close calls, so we’ll be sending more “regrets” emails than usual.

Posted by Scott