Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Fighting Back vs. Staying the Same

We live in exciting times . . . but, right now, not in a good way. 

Friday we witnessed the inauguration of a new president, a peaceful transition of power.  That evening, we had a poetry reading here in Tallahassee to engage in the growing creative “resistance” movement.  We put together a limited-edition chapbook featuring poems from each of the five readers (Kaveh Akbar, Sandra Simonds, Michael Rothenberg, Paige Lewis, and Jay Snodgrass).  The money from sales is going to be split between Planned Parenthood and the Southern Poverty Law Center.  We have a few copies left in the store, so get a copy while you can!  (It’s called Poets Fight Back!  A Program Guide.)

Along the same lines is the second chapbook from our very own Scott Sweeney (me).  Actually completed in (and dated for) 2016, it’s entitled stasis and includes one long piece broken into 19 sections, which were carved out of a much larger work.  The half-digest-sized book was formatted using a Seventies-era typewriter.  Each of the 25 copies features a hand-stamped cover.  Comes in a variety of colors!


We surrender,
feel the grey wind
shake loose another storm.

Sun goes into hiding
and we’re huddled
in this target-rich environment.”

Posted by Scott