Wednesday, July 11, 2018


The next chapbook of this year’s open reading selections is Under Half-Empty Heaven by Peycho Kanev.  The first line of the opening poem, “Manifesto” (“I grew up in Communism”) hints at a story of sorts that unfolds over the course of the collection, along with a sense helplessness and oppression that the poems deliver . . . but not without flourishes of beauty and hope. There’s a lot to contemplate in these pieces. 

From “Lament”:

“Loud music starts from the house,
cutting the songs of the crickets in half
and the voice of the dead soprano
weighs like a gravestone in the air.
In the night’s darkness I look into
seek nothing,
just to lift this cold beer to my mouth
and listen to the deathly music.”

You can now get a copy on the Titles page. 


Posted by Scott