Friday, January 06, 2017

Not Everyone Can Be a Winner

The results are in! 

All of the finalist manuscripts for the 2016/2017 “Season” Open Reading were read by both Ann Dernier and me, and our findings were much the same.  This year’s “winner” is Jennifer Martelli and her awesome chapbook, After Bird.  That will be the first one of the bunch, slated for this Spring.  Following that will be chapbooks by Kolleen Carney and Howie Good, as well as this year’s GBP alumnus finalist (and previous “winner”) Jessie Janeshek!

I’m sorry I couldn’t take more, but four felt like the right number, given our established publishing schedule and special projects (semi-secretly) in the works. 

I want to thank everyone who submitted this year, sending your manuscripts out into the Void.  (Grey Book Press = The Void)

This is going to be a great season.  We’ll announce more details as we set things up.  There are multiple things bubbling, including readings and regional events. 

See you soon!

Posted by Scott