Saturday, December 09, 2017

Rhythm of the Adolescent Heart


E. Kristin Anderson is back with another chapbook of found poetry, 17 seventeen XVII.  The source material this time is the institutional teen magazine, Seventeen, from which she crafts a series of pantoums that re-channel and repurpose advice for teenage girls.  In her cover comment, Kolleen Carney Hoepfner says these poems “[mime] the obsessive back and forth rhythm of the adolescent heart: kinda messy, really rude, and falling fast.”  And Cat Conway says, “The pantoums in this collection appropriate the language of teen magazines to indicate how, for young women, nothing changes as everything changes.” 

From “Keep Following This Rule”:

“Believing you’ve got extra power on your side,
    choose a charm;
        you won’t even notice
              sexist images.

    Choose a charm,
  change your mind.
Sexist images
magically land in your lap.”

Get your copy now!  Beat the rush! 

Just a heads up:  The press will be closed for orders between December 15 and 25.  Not to add more urgency to your Holiday season.

Posted by Scott