Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Sister Sarah

Little Sister
The latest chapbook in our 2017/2018 Season is another collection of found poetry.  Little Sister by Sarah Nichols rose out of the second “Poeming” event in October 2017, wherein multiple participants (also including yours truly) wrote a poem a day using different Anne Rice novels as source material. 

Sarah’s novel was Violin, but the ghosts that inhabit that work are largely left out of her evocative and spare poems.  Instead, the poems themselves are ghostly psalms to womanhood and identity.  I was really drawn to the haiku-like economy of language and the multifaceted “character” that Sarah has created.  (The super-appropriate cover art was created by Cat Conway.)

From “Little Sister Witch”:

“I made an offering:
bones, dust, hair. A spell for captured


They carried me through
the streets

to the fire. I burn, like kindling,

dark red and bitter


Grab a copy of Sarah’s chapbook on the Titles page. 

Posted by Scott