Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Carnival

Clown Machine

The second chapbook of the 2015/2016 “season” is Clown Machine by Jennifer MacBain-Stephens.  The poetry contained within is a lyrical carnival that introduces us to a whole cast of characters—including a contortionist, a bearded lady, a lion tamer, a stuntwoman—who each take their turn in the spotlight, and each of them make an impression, because each is rendered with care and, at the same time, an adventurous, poetic curiosity. 

From “The Contortionist has Damaged Taste Buds”:

“Her feet touch the walls and
ceiling in like eight
different places.

Her favorite pose is back
on the floor legs over
neck and head.

Her spine covets non-elusive hardness.”

We’re really happy for the chance to share these poems with you.  Available now under Titles (scroll all the way down).

Posted by Scott