Tuesday, November 27, 2018

November 2018 Update

As we sink deeper / sail further into the Holiday season, we’re making our way through the manuscripts received during the open reading period that closed earlier this month.  Had I not left my laptop charging cable at home when we were out of town for Thanksgiving, I’d be a lot further along.  Early indications are we have a really good mix of interesting work. 

While we wade through manuscripts, we’re preparing to release Cathleen Conway’s All the Twists of the Tongue, which is a collection of found poems sourced from material Ted Hughes edited out of Sylvia Plath’s journals prior to publication.  It’s awesome.  And this chapbook marks the first time we’ve used a professional printer (in testing some cover options), so if you order a copy, maybe you’ll receive one of those.  The release will be Friday (night, if we’re being honest).

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