November 2021 Update (Winners Edition)

Yes, it’s been a while since the start of the open reading period back in August.  Initial reading of manuscripts took us through September and into early October.  We notified finalists and made our final decisions last week.  We had six finalists and wanted to limit accepted manuscripts to two or three.  Thanks to everyone who submitted, and sorry we couldn’t accept more.

So, early next year, we’ll have a chapbook from Patrick Reardon, with more chapbooks in the Summer from GBP veterans Chelsea Bodnar and Howie Good.  Why such a long gap between?  Well, we’re doing our second ever full-length.  This time it’s GBP superstar Jessie Janeshek.  I feel like this is one of the books we were meant to do, and I’m glad it’s going to happen.  That will be a Spring release.

More updates in the coming months as things develop.