Friday, March 21, 2014

March 2014 Update

No matter where you are in the Northern Hemisphere, and no matter what the weather is doing in your area, all of us are about to make the “official” shift from Winter to Spring.  To celebrate why don’t you pick up a copy of the Winter/Spring 2014 issue of Momoware.  This issue features some old friends (Jane Nakagawa, Becky Kring, and Jay Snodgrass), rediscoveries from “back in the day” (Karen Fabiane), and many first timers (including John Gosslee, Haya Pomrenze, and Denise Duhamel).  You can pick up a copy from the Titles page.

Coming up in early/mid-April is Elizabeth Cantwell’s chapbook, Premonitions.  After that, the schedule is more fluid.  We should have more updates in a couple weeks, but there are three or four solid projects in the queue.  We won’t leave you wanting.  Promise.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Terrorism for GOOD


This chapbook came about unexpectedly.  Late last year, Elisabeth Workman and Michael Sikkema (both GBP-published poets) contacted me about a collaboration (or two) they’d been working on.  I quickly accepted TERRORISM IS WHAT WHALE.  It’s a brilliant collection of post-Flarf gems, a dialogue between what might pass for “traditional” poems and “surveillance portraits.“  It’s all lively and subversive and fun for the whole family!  Also, it’s longer than any previous GBP chapbook (and not just by a couple/few pages).  Check it out:


“My heart is in the g-pot, the gore spore
here’s a prickly pear lip, a biscuit stitch
a stick it here’s
a limpet kiss it all that’s left is oceanic”

I’m really happy Mike and Elisabeth chose to send this to us to look at.  Those two are going places.  In fact, Elisabeth has a full-length book coming from Bloof very shortly . . . the somewhat familiarly titled ULTRAMEGAPRAIRIELAND.  And I believe Mr. Sikkema has something longer in the works, as well.

Oh, quick note on TERRORISM . . . and in general:  This will be the first chapbook at the new $6 price.  Not just because it’s longer or more complex production-wise, but material and postage costs continue to rise and we have to keep up. 

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We’d announced our first chapbook would hit in January, and . . . we were close.  Once we got approvals from the poetry team involved, we went into a our production, which hit a slight snag.  It’s a multi-step process this time, and a little more complex,… cont.

We received dozens of submissions for this year’s (actually last year’s) open reading period.  For recent selections, we’d chosen five or six chapooks.  This year we opted to cut back a little . . . for practical reasons (keep reading).  After the… cont.

Hope everyone’s off to a great start for 2014.  We’re getting back into the swing of things here at GBP.  After essentially being “off” for a few months, besides reading a pile of manuscripts, we’re preparing for an intense start to the 2014… cont.

Hope everyone’s having a festive holiday season.  I’d anticipated making decisions about chapbook manuscripts by Christmas, but it’s going to take a little longer.  We have to get through the pile and then re-read the “finalists.“  After… cont.