Monday, August 10, 2015

August 2015 Update

We kind of skipped right over the month of July. There was a lot going on behind the scenes. First of all, there was the excitement surrounding Ashley D’Arcy’s early poems, which is now officially sold out. (If you’re in NYC, you may be able to find a copy at McNally Jackson Books.)

Next up, it’s another chapbook from Mike Sikkema, who’s poised to become the most published poet at Grey Book Press. Look for that one in the next few weeks.

The Autumn will be relatively calm until (drum roll, please) our first BOOK—-the debut full length from Ann Dernier. I don’t want to go too deep into it right now because you’ll be getting a lot of it once we get into September. Let’s just say it’s going to be great and everyone involved is very excited.

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Monday, July 06, 2015

We’re Getting Caught Up

. . . from our move to a new house.  With most of the catalog copies packed up, we were limited to the newest (2015) titles.  And with a week and a half of limited access to the Internet, our ability to communicate and gather order information was slowed considerably.  But we’re back on track now, and most orders should be shipped by Wednesday (July 8).  After that, there won’t be many copies of Ashley D’Arcy’s chapbook left!

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The next release in our 2014/2015 season is Ashley D’Arcy’s early poems. This limited-edition chapbook offers up wry humor and witty observations as a kind of philosophical stoner minimalism.

We were initially attracted to this collection for how it didn’t overreach and wasn’t packed with “big/loud” poems. The work is distilled, more contained. And on further readings, there’s a sneaky depth to the poems.

From “like ghosts”:

it felt as if our bodies could split

and the sick bodies might stay in bed

and the rest of us could float above them

we might become the bright light from the window

and shine all over our own faces

and throw bright lines across our legs


Our next chapbook is Ashley D’Arcy’s early poems.  It will be making its debut at the Popsickle Fest in Brooklyn on June 21 and will be available for sale on the website the following day.  Later this Summer, we’ll have a chapbook from Mike Sikkema.  Following that, announcements of our Fall schedule, open reading period, and projects into 2016. 

UPDATE (6/25/15): Ashley’s chapbook is available for purchase in “store,” we just need to get the announcement up . . . having trouble with technology and access to it.  Will be up this weekend!



We here at GBP love collaborations, especially when they’re as great as the second installment of our 2014/2015 “season,” Rungs.  This chapbook is a series of 24 poems, alternating between pieces written by Margaret Bashaar and pieces written by Lauren Eggert-Crowe, inspired by a 7th Century monastic text.

This is no easy climb.  But as an meditation on life, love, and the spaces between us, it’s a climb worth making.

From “Rungs 21”:

“You are an uninsulated
live wire

Your cravings
crackle dry & buzz

around you”

Available for orders now on the TITLES page!


Scott is getting on a plane from Florida (where it’s already Summer) to Minneapolis in the morning.  Just him, not the “press,” because he’s not bringing the long-arm stapler.  (Although, he will have a t-shirt with said stapler on it, so . . . represent.) 

We’re sure you don’t care where Scott’s going to be*, but a few copies of the nearly completed Rungs will be with him.  The chapbook is a collaboration between Lauren Eggert-Crowe (stuck at home) and Margaret Bashaar (at the conference with her press, Hyacinth Girl.  Margaret will be at Table 523, where there will be some special broadsides to promote Rungs.  Saturday only!

* Scott will be at the Menacing Hedge reading Friday night (at Mason’s Restaurant/Barre), cruising the book fair on Saturday, and then the Bloof Books/Coconut performance Saturday evening (also at Mason’s).