Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Time to Read 2016

Hey, everyone.  The open reading period is no longer open!  Let the reading begin!

We HOPE to have finalists a month from now, with decisions on “winners” and whatnot by year’s end.  Oh, and we likely won’t be sending individual notifications of regret, but we’ll be keeping everyone updated as the process moves forward on this website and through social media.

In the meantime, there will be TWO new chapbooks. 

Stay tuned!

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Friday, October 28, 2016

2016/2017 Open Reading Period Guidelines

The 2016/2017 chapbook season open reading starts in a few days . . . officially midnight (00:00 November 1).  Here are the guidelines.
—One entry per person.  No reading fee.
—Manuscripts will be read as “blindly” as possible, so please take your name off the title page.
—Manuscripts should have between 16 and 24 pages of poems.
—Email submissions to greybookpress (at) gmail (dot) com.  Subject line: “SUBMISSION - [LAST NAME] - [TITLE]”
—If you’ve had a chapbook published by GBP, you’re not excluded this time.  But if there are multiple GBP veterans among the “finalists,” only one will be considered for publication.
—Send submissions until 11:59 p.m. on November 14, 2015.
—Notifications around mid-December.
—There will be at least one “winner” and one “runner up.”  The “winner” will receive an open-ended publication with 25 author copies.  Other accepted manuscripts could be limited editions of 50 (in which case, 15 author copies).

In selecting chapbooks for publication, we usually aim for “range” in making multiple acceptances.  For instance, the favorite/best/most resonant chapbook will be the “winner,” and other selected manuscripts will be . . . different (from the “winning” chapbook and one another). 

We’d thought about doing “categories” for manuscripts as a way get a good mix of styles and backgrounds, like maybe actively soliciting poets of color or poetry on specific subjects/themes.  While we’re not going to formally request submissions to check all the boxes, we’d love to see more POC, more Asian forms, more people from the Southeast.  (GBP isn’t a regional press, but it seems like most people we publish are from far-flung areas of the country [or other countries]). 

If you have any questions not answered/addressed above, let us know at the email listed above.

Good luck!

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The press is about to come alive as we settle into the Autumn.  Of course, the Main Event is the promised 2016/2017 Season Open Reading window.  Full guidelines will be announced in a couple days.  The two-week window opens at midnight after Halloween festivities.

Before that, or concurrently, is a very limited-edition chapbook by . . . Scott Sweeney.  Just 25 copies of this one.  It’s called stasis

As the Open Reading submissions pour in, we’ll be getting our next chapbook ready; this one will be from Andrew Brenza, likely to appear around the intersection of November/December. 

More details on everything very, very soon.


We’ve wrapped up our 2015/2016 chapbook season with the release of Genevieve Kaplan’s In an aviary. We’ll be soliciting submissions for our 2016/2017 season this Fall. You’ll still be able to purchase a subscription of the five 2015/2016 chapbooks (for about a dollar off per copy) until the open reading window opens. The open reading window will be announced in the next month or two. In the meantime, we will not be considering any unsolicited submissions.

In between seasons, we’ll be having one “off-cycle” release—a limited-edition chapbook from Andrew Brenza. Look for more about that one toward the end of the year.

One of the regrets here at GBP is we don’t have a regular mechanism in place to pass along items on our poets—where they’re appearing, chapbook reviews, or “where are they now?” items. For instance, Jane Joritz-Nakagawa has an interview at Horse Less Press and reviews of her GBP chapbook diurnal at Galatea Resurrects and Cordite. We’re going to try to make more of an effort to promote those items—both here and in social media.

In appearance news, GBP will be participating in the upcoming 100,000 Poets for Change event in Tallahassee next month and the Florida Literary Arts Coalition conference in St. Augustine in early November.


In an aviary

The final chapbook of our 2015/2016 “season” is In an aviary by Genevieve Kaplan.

As detailed in her essay at Opon, Kaplan uses a Mina Loy prose poem (“Ladies in an Aviary”) as the source material for this poetic collage. She reworks the language, deconstructs it, and reassembles it into a variety of configurations.  The result is a cohesive, flowing work that’s full of surprises.

From “Holding the sugar higher”:

“the white reaching-up in the breeze, tiny
hummingbird near the purples, for the bees
to take, to grasp the sun (to shake it off), skittish
by the passing of an orange machine, the greens
hazing for what sounds here, for not a love
not, as someone is always stepping. the bird
comes back, the bee, the voices come along. am I
alone here? no. (and the longer, the less so.)”

Check it out and you, too, can be in an aviary.


Up until a couple/few years ago, we used to take the Summers off from chapbook-making because, here in North Florida, it’s hard to summon the energy to do anything beyond merely existing when it’s this hot and humid.  But with Global Warming, everyone’s increasingly in the same boat, so who am I to complain?

Later this week, we’ll be wrapping up the 2015/2016 season with a chapbook by Genevieve Kaplan, In an aviary.  We’re really excited and can’t wait to get it out there.  Here’s to hoping our new production process will be a seamless transition.

We have a few irons in the fire for the remainder of 2016, including a couple chapbooks and our next book-book.  Details and schedules continue to come together, so we have to wait a little longer before announcing anything.  Look for that later.  In the meantime, you can enjoy Genevieve’s poems in a few days.