In Praise Of

At long last, it’s our next chapbook, Black Nebula by Karen Kilcup.  A lot of time went into getting it just right, including one of the most evocative covers we’ve done, featuring the photo “Black Ice” by Charter Weeks.  The poems beneath the cover are also evocative, all of them “in praise of” a tangible, real-world thing or situation that gets elevated, colored in, and brought to life in words.  

In her blurb for the chapbook, Helena Minton wrote, “These compressed, idiosyncratic poems of praise, rooted in the everyday, and rich with images of nature, disarm with their originality.  . . .  What appears to be a random series of topics is gradually revealed to be parts of a coherent and personal story.”

From “In Praise of Imperfection”:

“The thick chipped paint on my windowsill,
where the pine grain shows through.
The russet potato, baked but
still hard at the core.  Singing
Aretha Franklin’s Respect loudly,
joyfully, and off-key.”


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