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The Adorable Knife, Jessica Purdy
Summer 2023

Black Nebula, Karen Kilcup
Summer 2023

red flames burning out, Juliet Cook
Spring 2023

These Violent Delights, Sarah Nichols
Autumn 2022

The Horses Were Beautiful, Howie Good
Summer 2022

Snow Boat to Nowhere, Chelsea Margaret Bodnar
Summer 2022

No Place for Dames, Jessie Janeshek
June 2022

The lost tribes, Patrick Reardon
Winter 2022

Small and Fierce, Andrea Fischer
Summer 2021

June Story (and other poems), Margaret Anne Ernst
Spring 2021

only all the blood, Sara Luisa Kirk
Winter 2021

Our Home Can Be a Dangerous Place, Chelsea Margaret Bodnar
Autumn 2020

Continued, Chris Bullard
Summer 2020

The Female Citizens from Sunshine Nation Face off with Light Sucking Demons, Jennifer MacBain-Stephens
Summer 2020

Channel U, Jessie Janeshek
Winter 2020

enchanted / in, Nava Fader
Summer 2019

Fort Lauderdale, Brendan Walsh
Summer 2019

What It Is and How to Use It, Howie Good
Spring 2019

Space on Earth, Emily Hockaday
Spring 2019

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All the Twists of the Tongue, Cathleen Allyn Conway
Autumn 2018

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[crawdads skitter on river dildoes], Mike Sikkema
Summer 2018

Under Half-Empty Heaven, Peycho Kanev
Summer 2018

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Little Sister, Sarah Nichols
Spring 2018

Letters from the Other Woman, Monica Prince
Spring 2018

17 seventeen XVII, E.K. Anderson
Autumn 2017

Supernoir, Jessie Janeshek
Summer 2017

Hitchhiking Through the Apocalypse, Howie Good
Summer 2017

Your Hand Has Fixed the Firmament, Kolleen Carney
Summer 2017

After Bird, Jennifer Martelli
Spring 2017

Poets Fight Back! (a program guide), Multiple Authors
January 20, 2017

stasis, Scott Sweeney

And Then, Andrew Brenza
Winter 2016/2017

In an aviary, Genevieve Kaplan
Summery 2016

Clown Machine, Jennifer MacBain-Stephens
Spring 2016

Spanish Donkey/Pear of Anguish, Jessie Janeshek
Spring 2016

FIRE IN THE SKY, E.K. Anderson
Spring 2016

diurnal, Jane Joritz-Nakagawa
Winter 2016


Jane Joritz-Nakagawa, Diurnal
E. Kristin Anderson, Fire in the Sky
Jessie Janeshek, Spanish Donkey/Pear of Anguish
Genevieve Kaplan, In an aviary
Jenny MacBain-Stephens, Clown Machine

Winter 2015/2016

IN THE FURY, Ann Dernier
December 2015

Time Missing, Mike Sikkema
Summer 2015

early poems, Ashley D’Arcy
Summer 2015

SOLD OUT (limited edition)

Rungs, Margaet Bashaar / Lauren Eggert-Crowe
Spring 2015

EARTH * AIR * FIRE * WATER * AETHER, Candice Wuehle
Winter 2015

LEFT: Letters to Strangers, Michele Battiste
Autumn 2014

Seeing You Again, Karen Fabiane
Spring 2014

Premonitions, Elizabeth Cantwell
Spring 2014

Momoware 5, various poets
Winter/Spring 2014

TERRORISM IS WHAT WHALE, Mike Sikkema / Elisabeth Workman
Winter 2014

Stupid Ache, Joseph Goosey
Autumn 2013

shouting at ghosts, David McLean
Summer 2013

The Ground / The Pass / The Wave, Kate Schapira
Summer 2013

The Hardest Part is Done, Lucy Biederman
Spring 2013

Masala Tea and Oranges, Edward Doyle-Gillespie
Spring 2013

The Experiment in Morbidity, Nick Admussen
Winter/Spring 2013

Poisonous Beautyskull Lollipop, Juliet Cook
Winter 2013

Momoware 4, various poets
Autumn/Winter 2012

Hot Body Contest, Kristine Snodgrass / Scott Sweeney
Fall 2012

Failure to Apply the Method, Nicholas Liu
Summer 2012

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performing Chod until post-natural indigenes, j/j hastain
Summer 2012

Wander-Rooms and Outside Noise, Mike Sikkema
Spring 2012

Don’t Harass the Garden, Matthew Lippman
Spring 2012

Rimbaud’s / Poems, Maurice Burford
Winter 2012

Cinquain, My Dear Cinquain, Evie Ivy
Summer 2011

Benefit for Save Our Shores
Summer 2011

This is a benefit for Save Our Shores (Florida). The book features poetry by Denise Duhamel, Sharon Mesmer, Michael Rothenberg, and many more.

A Short History of Our Love, Chandra Dickson
Summer 2011


The Future Comes to Those Who Wait, Leigh Stein
Spring 2011

Paradise Now, Brian Ang
Winter 2011

SOLD OUT (limited edition)

Wallop, Jordan Stemplemen
Winter 2011

carry catastrophe, Megan Kaminski
Autumn 2010

SOLD OUT (limited edition)

Megaprairieland, Elisabeth Workman
Autumn 2010

Watercycle, Scott Sweeney
Summer 2010

Scent of Shatter, Valerie Wetlaufer
Winter 2010

Judging Our Allies, Francis Raven
Winter 2010

Used White Wife, Sandra Simonds
Autumn 2009

Solid Waste, Jay Snodgrass
Spring 2009

Fledgling Starlet, Kristine Snodgrass
Spring 2009

As a feminist re-memory of Hawthorne’s Hester Prynne, Fledgling Starlet is Kristine Snodgrass’ first chapbook with Grey Book Press. From Andrea Yates to Manolo Blahnik, these collage/persona poems reincarnate Hester exploring female identity, consumerism, and pop culture.

Kristine Snodgrass is the editor of Cake, a new literary journal from Florida A&M University. Her poetry has appeared in many journals and anthologies, including Shampoo, Coconut, 2River View, Gulfstream, The Tusculum Review, and Tigertail. Kristine has twice been nominated for the Pushcart Prize, and her collaborative work is forthcoming in Hayden’s Ferry Review and LIT. She is also the author of a chapbook of collaborative triads, Facial Geometry (NeO Pepper Press 2006). Kristine is currently a Ph.D. student at Florida State University. She lives in Tallahassee where she is an instructor at FAMU.

Velvet on the Air (lyric book), Fantome


The Night Brings Violets

Issue I (1994; selection of poems from issues 1 – 4): Shiloh Foster and Scott Sweeney: bound

Issue 1 (Fall 1998): Dennis Bivins, Ace Boggess, Karen Fabiane, Bentley Fears, Elizabeth Haight, Alec Kowalczyk, Joan McNerney, Maria Rushing, Daphne Schaal, Ann Spencer: bound

Issue 2 (Spring 1999): Ace Boggess, Karen Fabiane, Elizabeth Haight (featured poet), Marged Howley, Jonathan David Levine, Daphne Schaal: bound

Issue 3 (late Fall 1999): Arlene Ang, Ace Boggess, Paol Maurizio Bottigelli, Bill Erdman, Karen Fabiane (featured poet), Sun Falcon, Frank Ford, Conrad Geller, Jean Hull Herman, Marged Howley, D.S. Malo, Jody McGinness, E.W. Richardson, Jennifer Rohrback, Sara Taylor: bound

Issue 4 (Summer 2000): Arlene Ang, Ace Boggess (featured poet), Paol Maurizio Bottigelli, John Bourne, Renee Carter Hall, Barbara Crooker, Marta Dana, Karen Fabiane, John Grey, Kristine Newhall, Alex Stolis, Neca Stoller, Penelope Talbert: bound

Issue 5 (Winter 2001): Arlene Ang, Michele Battiste (featured poet), Ace Boggess, Mary Coy, Andrea Fekete, John Grey, Jean Hull Herman, Robert Phelps, David Ritchie, Maria Rushing, Irene Sedeora, Alex Stolis, Neca Stoller, Penelope Talbert, Matt Welter: bound

Issue 6 (Summer 2001): Aidan Baker, David Dial, Claire T. Feild, John Grey (featured poet), Bill Glose, Stephanie Hemphill, Marie Kazalia, Sarah Miller, Daniel A. Olivas, Neca Stoller, Christina-Marie Umscheid: bound


Issue 1 (Spring 2009): Russell Bittner, Olly Bryan, Aleathia Drehmer, Joseph Goosey, Mat Gould, Colin James, Becky Baxley Kring (featured poet), David McLean, Kenneth Pobo, Kristine Snodgrass, Richard Wink, Chantal-marie Wright

Issue 2 (Autumn 2009): Erin Byrne, Jane Crown, Joseph Goosey, Colin James, Becky Baxley Kring, Blane Major, David McLean, Christine Poreba (featured poet), Jay Snodgrass, Felino A. Soriano, Chantal-marie Wright