Model Nostalgia

I talked about the story of this book’s inception in my post last month, but now we’re here at the launch date.  I’m really excited that No Place for Dames is finally coming out.  For the “official” listing (out in the “world”), Jessie wrote a synopsis that I could definitely not improve upon, so I present it here:

“From the 1920s to the 2020s, from Hollywood to West Virginia hollers, these poems bind your hands in the alley behind the drug store, shove you underneath the sheets of a sweaty canopy bed, and hand you the Ouija board.  But your absurdist best friend is cheating; she’s moving the planchette.  It’s all dead deer, sequins, stiff drinks, bad sex, and sunglasses and Dames probes what it means to be anything besides a straight white man in a straight white man’s world.  Just in time.” 

From “Bitters + Soda”:
“I live like it’s fine to pop pills all day
my chapped hands gold
foggy glasses and cold sex at the whammy bar.
I cough into frankincense
as I walk through empty pharmacies
ask which cheap lipstick pairs
best with my astrological sign.”

You can purchase a copy on the Titles page.  They’ve been on sale since last week, and orders have been coming in steadily.  We have a limited number of guitar picks Jessie designed for the launch that will ship with copies until we run out.  Copies will ship as soon as we receive our initial batch in a few days (following a last-minute fix and production delay).