June/July News Update

It took a little while, but we eventually managed to send out all of the orders for Jessie Janeshek’s No Place for Dames.  Thanks to everyone who ordered a copy and/or attended Jessie’s Zoom reading following the release.  Each order included a limited edition guitar pick, and we only have a few of those left.  Revisiting the book-making process was an adventure, but now we’re shifting back to our bread-and-butter (chapbooks).

The next chapbook is Chelsea Bodnar’s Snow Boat to Nowhere, which was promised by the end of the month.  However, as things were coming together, it seemed like we’d be launching right before the Fourth of July weekend, so I thought we’d hold off until July 5.  Plus, I wanted to make sure Chelsea had a chance to get her copies before the launch.  And then in about a month (targeting “early August”) will be another chapbook from Howie Good.  

I have one or two potential additions to the schedule that could be announced before our next “open reading,” which will be back to it’s “standard” Halloween kickoff.  

See you after the weekend . . . for our trip back to the Eighties!