Our next chapbook is Snow Boat to Nowhere by Chelsea Bodnar.  A couple years ago, in her chapbook Our Home Can Be a Dangerous Place, she took us on a journey of the world of the videogame BioShock.  This time, Chelsea invites us to explore Miami Vice in all its gritty, pastel-and-gunpowder glory.  The Eighties were wild; I can tell you first-hand.  Miami Vice was geared to kids my age (and their parents), though I didn’t really watch much of it.  But I recognize the “heroes” on the show (Crockett and Tubbs), and of that time, are more typical of antiheroes today.  Chelsea’s poems here are wrecked with them, along with all the beautiful beaches and shootouts and crime that you could pack into an hour with commercial breaks.

“spine snapped / from car chase // death just means / there’s no / interrogation // I read once / that wind speed / can turn feathers / into knives // cast styrofoam / to bullet // so in a way / it’s natural / what happened”

This one’s now available on the Titles page.  You don’t even need a gun or a speedboat or a pile of blow.