March 2020 Update

It’s nothing to do (directly) with the Coronavirus pandemic or the earlier-than-usual Vernal Equinox, but we’re a little behind where we planned to be to get out our next chapbook (The Female Citizens of Sunshine Nation Face off with Light Sucking Demons by Jenny MacBain-Stephens) in the next week or so. The plan is to get that “to press” and have it ready to ship out in early April. Following that is Chris Bullard’s chapbook, Continued, which was scheduled for the beginning of May. It’s too early to say if that will be delayed; for the time being, we’re going to plan to get that out as on-schedule as possible.

After those two chapbooks, we’ll evaluate how to fill the void before the next open reading period in October/November.

In the meantime, take care of yourselves and take care of one another. And wash your hands!

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