June 2020 Update

As you can see, our website is back up and running.  There will be tweaks as we go (we’ve found several things that need to be updated), so let us know if you see anything that looks strange. One thing: As we switched web platforms, we chose not to restore a lot of the historical posts (mostly pre-2020).  Also during that process, links in social media posts were broken and won’t be fixed.  Whomp whomp.

On the plus side, the Titles page had more of a seamless transition.  We’ve also been working on our next two chapbooks in the meantime, so they’re nearly ready to launch.  First (within the next couple weeks) will be The Female Citizens of Sunshine Nation Face off with Light Sucking Demons by Jenny MacBain-Stephens, followed in early July by Continued by Chris Bullard.

Thanks to everyone for your patience during our COVID-related downtime, and our hearts are with the protesters and others taking a stand against racial inequality.  Thanks also to Jim for help transitioning the website and to Patricia for hosting and ongoing support.

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