March/April 2023 Update

I hadn’t planned on such a long period of silence, but we’ve been working behind the scenes on a printing “experiment.”  For years, we’ve been keeping things simple.  I’ve always printed inner pages at home on either plain white or linen stock.  Almost always digest-sized, almost always 24 to 32 pages.  Covers had been printed at a variety of places, either on colored cardstock or white.  Always straight to letter size.  Recently, I’ve been outsourcing covers with a slight production cost increase, but now we’re trying to print to larger-size cover stock and cutting down to letter size.  If it all goes as planned, our first chapbook of the year (out next week) from Juliet Cook will feature a full-bleed, wrap-around cover.  But it’ll come at a price.  (Just how much remains to be seen.  I’ll post an update with that information.)

Juliet’s chapbook had been planned for release a couple weeks earlier, but that shouldn’t affect our schedule as we prepare chapbooks from Jessica Purdy and Karen Kilcup into the Summer.  There will be an April update with a general release schedule after Juliet’s chapbook is out.  Get ready!